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Anhui Spring Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd. is a water-soluble fertilizer manufacturer integrating technology development, production and sales, and technical services. After years of development, it has formed a series of products covering a large number of elements, medium-quantity elements, trace elements of water-soluble fertilizers, amino acid water-soluble fertilizers, and humic acid water-soluble fertilizers.

Trace element series: It is the only goal that has been pursued rigorously since the establishment of our company! “Green and high-quality” is the cornerstone of the survival and development of Rui Nong Chemical. Over the years, our company has consistently adhered to this principle, standardizing, innovating, developing, and strengthening itself, and truly realize the concept of "technology for the people."

"Enthusiastic service, meticulous and thoughtful, perseverance, excellence" is our cultural purpose!

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